This Man Threatened Over 100 Women On Social Media

New Delhi: A 26-year-old man has been arrested for blackmailing around 100 women through social media. The man identified as Sumit Jha is a Noida resident and he used to extort money from women by morphing their pictures and threatening to post them on social media. Delhi police on Wednesday arrested the man who has previously also been arrested by Chhattisgarh and Noida police in 2018.

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Using morphed photos for extorting money from women

According to a report by IANS, Jha would download photos of women from their social media accounts and morph them. He would then create fake profiles and send threatening messages that he will post the nude photos online unless they pay him money.

The police said that the matter came to light when a woman bank Manager complained about online harassment and extortion threats to upload her nude picture on her Instagram account. The accused had also demanded money from the complainant as well as her contact persons on social media.

“The accused was using VOIP calls through WhatsApp and other apps to avoid detection. However, on the basis of the service provider’s report and secret information, we arrested the accused on Tuesday,” said Atul Thakur, DCP, South Delhi in teh report.



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