Rakhi Sawant Howls In Pain After Jasmin Bhasin Assaults Her With Bird Head Mask

In a new promo released by Colors TV, Jasmin can be seen losing her cool and assaulting Rakhi Sawant who cries in pain and claims that her nose is broken.

What started as a war of words between Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant quickly got out of hand and then Jasmin lost her cool and assaulted Rakhi, who cried in pain and claimed that her nose was broken.

The video began with Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla admonishing Rakhi for her comments, wishing physical harm on those who ‘spy’ on her. ‘Aap ghatiya baatein kar rahe ho (you are saying disgusting things). Enough!’ Aly said, as Abhinav joined in and told her that she was wrong in saying what she did. She lashed out and said that they were no one to judge her.

Aly screamed in anger, ‘Paagal-vaagal hai kya? Accident kaise bol sakti hai kisiko (Is she mad? How can she wish an accident upon someone)?’ When Rakhi asked him not to yell, he told her to get out.

Jasmin and Rakhi are then seen engaged in a shouting match with each other. Later in the video, Jasmin lost her cool and slammed a large bird head mask on Rakhi’s head. As Rakhi screamed in pain, an unrepentant Jasmin told her, ‘Bola tha maine, mere se panga nahi lena, mujhe chhedna nahi (I told you not to mess with me).’

Rakhi continued to howl and said that she would require a ‘surgery’. However, Jasmin did not buy it and claimed that it was all ‘drama’ and ‘magar mach ke aansu (crocodile tears)’. Jasmin even imitated Rakhi crying and then angrily kicked the bird mask, calling Rakhi a ‘nautanki (drama queen)’. Rakhi took off her mic and threw it on the ground.

In another promo, Rahul Vaidya was seen getting into a heated argument with Arshi Khan. Arshi taunted Rahul about quitting the show and running away, to which he retorted, ‘Wazan se bhari nahi beta, dil aur dimaag mein bhi thoda bharipan laa (do not just be physically heavy, bring some weight in your character as well).’

Arshi asked Rahul to remain in his ‘aukaat (limit)’ and complained to Bigg Boss that he was body shaming her. Rahul was unfazed by her threat that he will be taken to task and told her, ‘I stand by whatever I said.’



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