Photo Of Frozen Eggs And Noodles From Serbia Goes Viral, “We Start Shivering With Our Sweater On At 23C Only” People Respond

As the northern hemisphere of the world lies in the “Frigid Zone”, people living in those areas experience cold throughout the year and the winter season becomes a real patience tester for them. With such harsh conditions at hand, a photo of frozen egg yolk and noodles from Serbia has gone viral on social media.

A twitter user Oleg with handle name @olegsvn uploaded the photo of noodles and an egg frozen in the air on December 28. According to the post, the photo was taken in Novosibirsk, Siberia on Monday when the temperature dropped to -45 degrees Celsius.

“Today it’s -45C (-49F) in my hometown Novosibirsk, Siberia,” the caption of the photo said. Oleg added, “People, you don’t realize what the Siberia weather is – a day ago it was -45 C.  Now it is +4C. And going up to +12C if we trust Yahoo forecast. And then it goes down to -23C again, and back to -30…”

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The photo which went viral on Monday got as much as 25,300 likes and over 7,500 retweets. Following the post gaining momentum, Twitter users from India shared their experience of the winters.

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One user said, “In our region, we start shivering with our sweater on at 23C only.” Another wrote, “Even Gravity is shivering!!”

Oleg, whose post went viral later shared a screenshot of post analysis, which showed post engagement hit the 1 lakh mark and reached more than 2.5 lakh people.

“Quite popular tweet, huh…”, he captioned the screenshot.



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