People Partying In Minus 39 Degrees Wearing Swimsuits In Serbia Video Goes Viral

A video has been making rounds on social media across the world in which a group of people wearing swimwear are seen partying in the city of Tomsk, Russia at minus 39 degrees Celsius. The video which was posted on Instagram garnered a lot of attention where people got both praised and criticized for their act.

The video titled “Another gift for my upcoming birthday is ready!” featured more than a dozen people in bikinis and colorful swim shorts dancing on a snow-covered central square in front of a decorated New Year’s tree. The climax of the video came when a telephone was highlighted during the recording which showed the temperature of the city of Tomsk as minus 39 degrees Celsius.

According to the post on social media, the gig was planned to check the birthday of one of the members, who had purposely trusted that an especially cool day will make the chilly clip.

“The weather did its thing and gave us a record minus [temperature] for my idea,” he wrote.

It’s unclear whether any of the members in the video, which closed with the motto “Hang tight, individuals, summer’s practically around the bend,” required clinical consideration after the shoot. Yet, their accomplishment plainly dazzled watchers, with one analyst depicting it as “hot and cool, simultaneously.”

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Another composed that the individuals in the video were “simply insane,” while some lamented that they hadn’t been welcomed. After the video went viral, people of Tomsk city confirmed that the video was recorded on a freezing day and was not a hoax.



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