Jilted Lover Returns From UP And Shoots Engaged Ex-Girlfriend; All About Malad Shooting

New Delhi: On Monday, in a tragic murder-suicide, a man shot his girlfriend dead and then ended his own life in Malad. Preliminary probe revealed that he had been living in Allahabad with his parents for a month, then travelled to Mumbai after learning that she had gotten engaged to someone else.

Rahul Yadav 26 and Nidhi Mishra 22 had been together since college for about four years before she got engaged to another man. The police say that the murder was premeditated as he had come down to Mumbai alone with a pistol after living in Allahabad for a month.

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Yadav has had a criminal past and has been booked for assault and extortion, he was handling a construction site for a builder in Kandivali.

According to a report in The Times Of India, Mishra’s family hadn’t heard about Rahul Yadav and she was happy with the match they had found her. She was working as an HR executive after graduating last year. Mishra’s father suspects that she had been abducted from her office on Monday evening.

Evidence found by the police suggested that Yadav picked Mishra up on his motorcycle on Monday evening, after which the two went to a food stall, ordered Vada Pav and Dosa. The two then rode back to Malad where they got into an argument when Yadav took his gun shot Mishra then shot himself. A couple witnessed them collapse to the ground, they checked on them before calling the police.

Mishra’s colleagues saw her being picked up by Yadav and said she had confided in them that she has no intention of marrying Yadav and that he had a criminal record.



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