Indian Flag Tricolour Waved At Pro-Trump Protests Which Led Riots, Twitter Reacts

US Capitol Hill Attack: In an out of the blue sight at the US Capitol Hill during Wednesday’s siege, the Indian tricolor was spotted among the thousands of the American flags being waved by the pro-Trump protesters.

This can be seen in a video tweeted by journalist Alejandro Alvarez @aletweetsnews on the micro-blogging site, among several their videos, where a supporter can be seen waving the Indian flag.

To the surprise and curiosity of almost everyone, the Indian tricolor was apparently the only foreign flag being waved at the protest site. While netizens wondered what was the need of the Tricolour at an event being widely criticized, several leaders spoke out against the act.

What happened at US Capitol Hill:

Following a rally by US President Donald Trump alleging unfair electoral practices and seeking to overturn the results, thousands of flag-waving protesters marched to the Capitol, breaking barricades and ransacking the building which had many lawmakers inside it. As many as 4 people are reportedly dead in the incident. World leaders have condemned the attack in one voice.

Netizens rebuke the act:

Though, the details of the person waving the Tricolor is not known yet, s/he has already managed to garner enough flak from social media users of India. Netizens chastised the person for displaying the Indian flag at an event India needs no participation. Many dubbed the person was ‘Desi Trump supporter’.

BJP leader Varun Gandhi also took note of the video and tweeted: “”Why is there an Indian flag there??? This is one fight we definitely don’t need to participate in…”

Priyanka Chaturvedi also spotted the video and reacted: “Whoever is waving this Indian flag should feel ashamed. Don’t use our tricolour to participate in such violent & criminal acts in another country.”

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