India Witnesses Its First Monolith In Ahmedabad Park; Is There A Mystery To Its Appearance

Ahmedabad: After “mysterious” monoliths appeared across the world, the latest one that has been spotted is in India, at a park in Gujarat’s capital city Ahmedabad. ALSO READ | New Year Celebration Timings: Know Which Country Celebrates First And Who’s Last

The metallic structure is at the Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej in a beautiful natural setting that is surrounded by urban development. Like the ones spotted in other countries, the shiny metal sheets form the three-sided structure.

This one even has numbers engraved on it but what do they signify is yet to be determined. However, its appearance is not much of a mystery as the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s assistant director of parks and gardens, Dilipbhai Patel, revealed that it was put up by the private firm that developed and maintained the park.

The artist behind the beautiful structure spoke to The Indian Express about the significance of this monolith. She said that its essence is about inviting people to have conversations about the meaning of things while instilling a deeper understanding of life.

The first one was reported from a remote canyon in USA’s Utah and after that, similar designs were spotted in almost 30 countries including France, Poland, United Kingdom, and Colombia.

The monolith was a notable part of Stanley Kubrick’s cult-classic film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ as the structure appears and disappears in various spaces without any explanation behind it.

When these “monoliths” appeared this year, various people speculated their origin, and then there were reports of locals spotting how they were put up by individuals – thereby ruling out the “mysterious” aspect of it.

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