Go Big Or Go Home, Says Anushka Sharma In This Photo

The actress, who is married to Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, debuted her baby bump on social media to announce that the couple’s family growing.

Anushka took to her Instagram handle and posted a story in which she is seen eating a whole lot of pizza. She wrote on the photo, ‘Go big or go home’. See photo here:

Virat and Anushka were also snapped visiting a clinic in Mumbai early in the day.

Recently, she spoke to Vogue India in detail about her pregnancy journey. One of the many things the Zero actress spoke about was her pregnancy cravings. The soon-to-be mommy revealed that she was eating ‘only toast and crackers for the first three months.’ When that ended, she craved for vada pao and bhel puri. ‘But that didn’t last long either. So, no real cravings,’ she added. Although the actress did not have many food cravings, she did reveal that her doctor helped her break the myth that pregnant women need to eat for two. She added that it was the first thing her doctor told her. The actress also revealed that she asked ‘chewed’ her doctor’s brain during the pregnancy. ‘I am someone who likes to read a lot and research a great deal, I’ve chewed my doctor’s brain,’ she said.

Anushka also shared her thoughts on watching her body change and adapt. The actress said it was ‘mind-boggling’ to see these changes and deemed it ‘amazing.’ She added that she felt more connected with her body. She also explained that even before pregnancy, she used to meditate. She continued her daily practice. ‘The only difference is that I’ve had a lot more time,’ she added.



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