Displaying Caste Identities On Vehicles In Uttar Pradesh To Now Invite Punitive Action

Displaying caste names like Yadav, Jat, Gurjar, Brahmin, Pandit, Kshatriya, Lodhi on windscreens or number plates of vehicles to assert caste identity of the owner, has become a new trend in Uttar Pradesh. Taking cognizance of the matter, the Uttar Pradesh Transport Department has issued orders to seize any vehicle displaying caste stickers on the vehicles. ALSO READ | Nitish Kumar Steps Down As JD(U) President; RCP Singh Roped In As Party Chief Amid Tiff With BJP

Following the instructions from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Additional Transport Commissioner Mukesh Chandra has send the order to all Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) states that all such vehicles are to be seized.

“We came across a trend in Uttar Pradesh and other states too where near about everyone are using Caste Names on Number plates and vehicles to glorify their identities. Such glorification must be stopped as there can be a rivalry too which can create Law and Order situation in the state. Caste based names must be stopped asap to curb future caste based crimes,” the order read.

According to an IANS report, the PMO took cognizance of the matter after a teacher in Maharashtra, Harshal Prabhu wrote a letter saying display of such stickers is a threat to the social fabric of the society.  Soon, PMO issued instructions to the UP transport department, following which such drive was launched.

The report quoted DK Tripathi, Deputy Transport Commissioner who said that “according to our enforcement teams, every 20th vehicle is found carrying such a sticker. Our headquarters has asked us to take action against such vehicle owners.”

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