Audi A4 Facelist Review - Check India Pricing, Pictures, Specs & Features

New Delhi: The luxury sedan segment between Rs 40-50 lakh is one of the most popular and also the most lucrative for luxury car-makers since many buy their first luxury car in this price bracket. In doing so they want a car which has the necessary luxury feeling along with technology but also providing a refined driving experience yet not forgetting about efficiency or practicality.

A lot to ask for and many cars do have to strike a balance. The new A4 facelift seems like one of those cars which tries to be the all-rounder and is fairly successful in doing so. For starters the design has evolved and looks better with being more aggressive looking. Audi has changed a lot from the design and it even has new doors. So it is not a small facelift. The major changes include the new LED headlights with the new DRLs plus the new tail-lamps while even the grille is new with being broader. It looks classy but has a hint of sportiness to it.

More than the exteriors, the interiors of the A4 are perhaps its biggest highlight. Well designed and superb in quality the A4 feels like a proper luxury car on the inside with no expense being spared. There is new glossy black surfacing while the running air con vent like design along with the chromed finish to some of the controls look expensive. Everything also has been arranged in an orderly way with a clean and functional lay-out. The other big change is the new bigger screen with the newer MMI display.

It is changed from the previous A4 and the touch responsiveness or even the way the touchscreen works is flawless. In terms of features you expect a lot at this price and you get it. The virtual cockpit is great to use and can be configured many ways while you also get 3-zone climate control, wireless charging, powered front seats, sunroof, ambient lighting and more.

Audi A4 Facelist Review - Check India Pricing, Pictures, Specs & Features

Space is very good with good enough legroom and headroom for two passengers at the back though the rear seat feels upright and yes, the middle passenger would not be comfortable hence it is a four seater. The boot is very big and the space saver does not intrude into the space offered.

The other big change is the new heart for the A4 as it gets a 2.0 TFSI turbo petrol with 190 bhp and 320Nm. Standard is a 7-speed DSG while there is also a 12V Mild Hybrid System. To drive the A4 feels at best as a comfortable cruiser. The refinement is excellent and the suspension is also superb with the way it handles our roads plus the overall silence in the cabin.

Audi A4 Facelist Review - Check India Pricing, Pictures, Specs & Features

The light steering and the smooth gearbox further makes this a very good every day car. Try to drive it hard and the new A4 is less sporting than some of its rivals but the trade off in terms of the better ride seems worth it for Indian buyers. That said you have drive modes and paddle shifters plus, yes, it is more fun than the last A4 with the smaller petrol. It is also pretty efficient and in efficiency mode, you can get stellar figures.

Audi has also priced it well with a starting price of Rs 42.3 lakh while the top-end is cheaper than some rivals at Rs 46.6 lakh. The new A4 leans towards the luxury and comfort angle while its interior is a clear USP. As a luxury sedan at this price, this is a car which you should check out and we have no doubt that this would be Audi’s new best seller in India! A well packaged all-rounder with just the right ingredients is what we say.

Pros – Looks, quality, interior, comfort, ride

Cons – Not fun to drive as rivals, no diesel

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